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  I've been thinking about principles lately. Here is a thought on the Shortcut Principle.   ...

    Conventional wisdom would say "don't buy stocks right now especially those who are bleeding money." But if the market is down you can pick up some bargains.   The same principal holds true for starting a business. If you are smart and do it right now may...   Allow me to get a little personal. Often we tend to want to despair but, there is opportunity in any situation.   I have a few tips in this video on what to set in place now to improve your future situation.   Also, I give a tour of...

   My therapy business has been providing therapy for children in daycare's since 2006. When I first graduated OT school, I took a job with a developmental daycare that was in 1997. So for over 20 years, I've had something to do with therapy in a...

  What should you have with you or on you when you approach a daycare to ask about treating kids there? There are two critical items that you must have.   My private practice has seen kids in daycare's since 2006. I've learned a ton of what...

  I'm working on the little mini course on how to get more daycare clients. So if you're in the Pediatric Therapy space this is going to be a course for you. It's a multi lesson course and I want to go over a very important first...