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  Jeremy Sutton has owned a private, insurance-based clinic since 2015 with his wife. Listen and learn what he thinks about buying an existing practice compared to starting from scratch. We also talk about why he has taken the approach of being a "servant" to his...

  Greg Todd is going to get you pumped up in this episode. He's a go getter and it's going to rub off on you. If you're not already following Greg on social media I highly suggest you do so.   He's on Insta at GregToddPT   Greg is the...

  Tomeico Faison is the owner of Therapeutic Solutions in North Carolina. She started her therapy business by performing a market analysis to see what needs were going unmet in her area. Listen in and learn how Tomeico launched and grew her practice.   If you would like to schedule a...

  Dr. Jamey Schrier, PT knows how to organize a therapy practice. His website has helped numerous therapists streamline and grow their practice. Listen in to Jamey's journey of private practice, going from "soul crushing struggles" to stability and freedom. Be sure to get JAMEY'S FREE OFFERINGS HERE  ...

  Anthony Maritato has 3 clinics in two different states called Total Therapy Solutions. He opened his private practice with the focus on serving his clients. Tony has a course called Learn Medicare Billing on how to set yourself up to bill Medicare and how that works...