Should You Ditch Your Business Card For This Tool?

Should You Ditch Your Business Card For This Tool?


I recently read an article that said you should ditch your business card and you should create a funnel. That’s just stupid if your a therapy practice owner. Watch this video on why that is.


The transcript from the video is below. Any grammatical, punctuation or non-sense errors are totally Google Transcriptions fault. Any brilliance is by the grace of God. 😉


So let’s define terms. Everybody knows what a business card is. Do you know what a funnel is?


A funnel is something you use to put oil in your car. Well it is but that’s not what we’re referring to. A funnel is what we’re referring to as something that you sign up for.


A funnel big at the top small at the bottom a funnel is meant for you to take action at the top is a bunch of people a bunch of information at the bottom and gets more narrow less people and information gets tighter at the bottom what happens it drips out it comes out. The point is for you to take in take action on that information that you’ve been given that interaction that you’ve had with whoever created that funnel.


So if you’ve ever been over to and went over to my free resources maybe you have been put in one of my funnels and so you’ve gotten something for me. It was information or tool and then I began to send you more information by email, which is what you should do because I have a lot of great information in my funnels.


Now a funnel is very useful for for your clinic for your practice for my website. But also it can be very impersonal. Words on a page can be impersonal in everybody not everybody but a lot of people are very Savvy in the internet world as it is right now. They realize I’ve just been put in a funnel maybe they don’t have that terminology but they realize that they’re on an email list and that they’re receiving a series of emails.


That’s what a funnel is all the information in the funnel well, almost of the information in the file has been pre-created. Think of it as a book and your receiving not just chapters of a book but certain aspects of a chapter in a series And that’s what you’re receiving. Now. I can jump into one of my funnels and do a one off of something that happened today or yesterday. But most of it is pre created and that’s on purpose. It’s very it can be very specific.


As far as what that funnel is trying to accomplish in the action that it wants you to take it can be a powerful tool but for you as a practice owner who are geographically specific to the area that you’re providing therapy for a final might not be the best tool. You can’t have a funnel but should you ditch the business card? I say absolutely not here’s why and here’s an example. Here is that example in the Academy of Private Practice? One of the therapists posted that they had a great conversation with a gentleman at a bakery at the bakery the conversation began.


The gentleman was asking the therapist so what do you do and the therapist was explaining it we just open the clinic down the road and we provide OT and speech and physical therapy and the gentleman was very knowledgeable about therapy and she thought that was kind of curious but it was a very pleasant conversation and he really wanted a lot of detail about their private practice and so towards the end of the conversation the therapist asks, what do you do? What do what do you work? And he said well, I’m actually a GP a physician and I’m so excited that your private practice your clinic is starting up because I have clients to send you so at that point, what did she do put him in a funnel? No, she didn’t put them in a funnel. She gave him a business card she had a business card with her and she gave him the business card and that my friend is why you don’t want to ditch the business card, but it’s important to actually have a business card. It’s important to carry your business card around with you.


Over there on my desk I have three different types of business cards one is a business card for me personally one is for my clinic one just says, hey get a free screening. So you should have not just one business card but multiple types of business cards. I actually did a podcast on what you should have on your business card. You can listen to that at So be sure to subscribe to my podcast. It’s called start of therapy practice who would have guessed that also.


I’ve got a free webinar coming up. So go to and you can sign up for that free webinar.


Do you always carry a business card around with you? You have a business card. If so, is it just one business card is your picture on that business card. So here’s your homework this week. If you don’t have a business card get a business card put your picture on your business card carry a business card around at all times, especially when you’re going to the bakery to talk to the doctor who doesn’t reveal his job doesn’t end of the conversation. That’s all I have today godspeed to you and your practice.



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