Productivity Tip

Productivity Tip

photo(2)I find it very helpful to reassess how I order my day so I can increase my productivity and decrease my distractions. I highly suggest that you do this. I also suggest that you pick up the book Getting Things Done by David Allen.  If you implement some of his tips, it will give you a huge paradigm shift in how you accomplish tasks in your life.

The picture in this post is of my main desk at one of my clinics. There are a few productivity tips that I want to point out… First, I use two screens. Once you do this, it is difficult to use one screen again. You will work so much faster with the ability to see more of your computer work at once. I have been toying with the idea of buying a third screen just to see if that helps even more. The next item I want to point out is the trays to the left. These are properly labeled according to the the paperwork that goes in each. The alternative is to just have a pile of unorganized papers to go through. Next, notice the shades are closed. I have two very big windows right in front of my desk. They are really great, and I used to keep the shades up in order to see the parking lot. But I found that keeping the shades closed makes my eyes focus on my work instead of the very distracting outside environment. I am a very visual, attentive person which can be both good and bad. Every little movement that occurred in the parking lot drew my attention away, and I looked up from my computer hundreds of times a day which broke my concentration and work momentum.

The latest productivity tweek that I have implemented is the manilla file of paperwork that you see to the direct left of my computer. The sticky note on the file says “Friday” to remind me to process this particular paperwork on Friday. Previous to implementing this system, I worked in a scattered way to process paperwork that was not necessary to process immediately. I found that I would get stressed trying to keep up with this pile of paperwork next to my computer. It was always there staring at me and whispering to me to empty the pile and clear my desk. The relief that I experienced after I designated a “Friday” pile was huge.  Friday is a slow day in our clinic, and I have very few distractions and interruptions. I can work through my Friday pile very quickly.  This has the added benefit of allowing me to be more available to my therapists and clients who need my assistance during the busy days at the clinic.

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