Below are the people you should be following and paying attention to if you are already in private practice or hope to be in private practice someday.

Why did I create this list? To help you be successful.

I feel so strongly that your success depends on having mentors that I created a list of potential mentors here. My goal with this website and podcast is to be helpful. If I can help connect you with another mentor then I have fulfilled my goal. You may really like the flavor of some of these consultants but possibly not with others. That’s OK. Follow and work with those who you like. Tell them I sent you.

Paul Potter PT

PaulI have known Paul for some time now. He has been a great mentor for me. He was also a guest on my podcast in episode 28. I am pretty sure Paul’s middle name is ‘Service’ because he has the heart of a servant.  I like to call Paul the Michael Hyatt of PT.

Paul has a great Cash Practice course that you can sign up for that will take you from just starting a practice to running a thriving business. If you are looking for some private practice help that is very personable and uplifting, Paul is your man. You can learn more about Paul at He also has a podcast called Functional Freedom.

Here is what his profile from his website says:

My name is Paul Potter, PT and I am a life coach, mentor and small business owner. I have been in the physical therapy field for over 35 years, owning my own practice and caring for patients from all walks of life.

I have seen first-hand how the care and treatment therapists provide can make a positive impact on patients lives. I have decided to utilize my knowledge and experience in the industry to help therapists all over the world create and own their dream practice in the New Healthcare Economy.

My Mission

I am focused on teaching, mentoring and equipping today’s small business entrepreneurs to fulfill their calling both at work  and at home with their families. I have been in your position, starting my own practice on $100 and a dream, and I want to make that happen for you.

Paul’s Social Media



Jarod Carter PT

JarodI have followed Jarod on Linkedin since I began my website. He is the owner of Carter Physiotherapy.

Jarod has a podcast and a website about cash based physical therapy practices. He also offers a free ebook that covers the topic of accepting cash payments from Medicare beneficiaries and an Ebook about running a cash based practice.

Here is what his profile from his website says:

A native of Austin, Texas, Dr. Carter attended The University of Texas where he was a Diver on the National Champion UT Swimming and Diving Team. After graduating with High Honors in Kinesiology, he attended The University of St. Augustine, due to its reputation as a leader in Manual Therapy training. He earned his Doctorate in Physical Therapy, and graduated Valedictorian of his class. He then pursued an aggressive Continuing Education path, and became a Certified Manual Therapist and a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist within the next two years.

Dr. Carter enjoys surfing, dancing, playing guitar, and traveling. His passion for traveling has coupled well with the opportunity to study both formally and informally in multiple countries including Australia, Italy, Germany, Panama, and Spain. Throughout his career, he has also worked with incredibly skilled mentors who have taught him rare Manual Therapy techniques giving rapid and astounding results.

Jarod’s Social Media




James Ko PT

JamesJames has been around for a while helping private practice owners. He has a great website at where he offers his Private Practice Secrets courses geared toward physical therapists and occupational therapists. He also manages some great Linkedin groups where you can learn from others in private practice.

I like his “what I believe” statement on Linkedin:

“It’s not the strongest practices that survive and grow, nor the most intelligent, but the ones most adaptable to change.”​


“It’s not where you are in life/business, but the direction you are heading that matters most.”​

Here is what his profile from his website says:

I am founder and senior advisor of IndeFree Association, a national group leading and coaching the most successful private practice owners in the country.

I have been regularly featured in national publications across the U.S. as a leading expert in the field of physical and occupational therapy marketing, billing, documentation, and private practice growth.

IndeFree offers a step-by-step blueprint to private practice success! If you choose to attend the PowerWorkshop, you will receive personal coaching from real physical therapists with real private practices! We provide information and training you just can’t find anywhere else, not on the internet, bulletins, or other organizations.

IndeFree is backed with over 15 years of healthcare industry experience. Our commitment, experience, and expertise allows us to build special relationships with our customers that will last a lifetime!

James’ Social Media



Jamey Schrier PT

JameyJamey has had a PT practice since 1998. I like that he has automated it to such a degree that he doesn’t even have to be there to run it. His website,, has information on what it takes to reach that level of private practice. He also has a podcast and some videos on his site and his Youtube channel.

Here is what his profile from his website says:

After his PT practice burned down in 2004, Jamey Schrier was faced with the decision…rebuild or walk away. You see, prior to his practice burning down, Jamey was in pain. Not the physical pain all of us treat, but the emotional and mental pain that comes with being the sole owner of a business.

At the time of the fire, Jamey was working 10-12 hours per day, 6 days a week, doing practically everything in the practice and barely staying above water. He knew he couldn’t keep this up and maintain a balance home life. He kept asking himself “is there a better way”? The answer would soon come in a book he read called “The E-Myth” by Michael Gerber.

For the first time Jamey actually envisioned a practice that could run without 12 hour days…a business that could function without the 6 day work week. Jamey spent the next several years turning his unorganized, inefficient and sometimes crazy, two location PT practice, into a successful, smooth running, self-managing business.

In 2013, relying more on faith than confidence, Jamey finally did the unthinkable…he took himself completely off of the treatment schedule. He knew he had bigger things he wanted to accomplish and being the clinician, manager, and Owner was just too much for him to handle.

However what happen next, surprised everyone, most of all Jamey… that year his business revenue soared to 1.4M and his profit surpassed the $20,000 per month mark. All of this while not treating 1 person the entire year!

Since then Jamey has made it his mission on helping other private practice owners achieve their ultimate success in their practice and life! He has helped numerous clinic Owners free themselves from the daily frustrations of playing “all of the roles”, while putting more money in their pockets and enjoying more free-time with family and friends.

In 2014, Jamey created The Automated PT Practice™ Online Course. A culmination of his business and life experiences over the last 20 years, teaching Clinic Owners exactly how to free themselves from their grueling daily work schedule, how to make more money and have more free time.

He developed live workshop style training sessions called CLUB LEVEL Events™, turning decades into days, accelerating an Owners results in achieving more in their life and practice.

Jamey Schrier’s mission is clear…to transform the entire private practice industry by educating, inspiring, and motivating successful entrepreneurial Owners to have a clear picture of what they want and a laser focus in how to get it!

Jamey’s Social Media




Brian Gallagher PT

BrianBrian has been in private practice for more than 17 years. He believes that you should always be an educator first. He also believes that each private practice is unique, and therefore there is no cookie cutter cookbook approach to private practice. I agree! You can check out his consulting site at MEG – Management Expansion Group.

Here is what his profile from his website says:

I have been a Physical therapist now for more than 23 years and been in private practice for greater than 17 years. Most notably I decided about 10 years ago to stop consulting PT owners and start being more of a practice facilitator/coach if you will. I saw that many owners would spend lots of money on consulting only to struggle on the implementation of what they had learned. None of us would approach a patient for treatment without first performing an evaluation and gathering all the data and then creating a POC to then help progress them along on. Therefore my first action is always an on site audit visit to the owner’s PT practice. It’s this process of working side by side and helping the individual with their unique set of challenges all the way to a completed cycle of action that makes all the difference. My business model is to provide 110% of everything I’ve got from my years of experience in private practice winning the “BEST PRACTICE OF THE YEAR IN 2011 FROM THE ADVANCE MAGAZINE” to the 300 plus office I have been in and out of from Alaska to Florida. Be an educator first and foremost above all else this is what our profession needs most.

Brian’s Social Media




Jena Casbon SLP

JenaJena has some great community groups on Linkedin and Facebook. If you are interested in connecting with others who are in private practice, I highly suggest you become a member of these groups. I’m a member.

Here is what her profile from her website says:

Jena H. Casbon, MS CCC-SLP is a Speech-Language Pathologist in Boston. In her regular job, she helps adult survivors of stroke and traumatic brain injury work towards gaining communication and cognitive skills that will help increase their functional independence.

After several years of learning the in’s and out’s of treating private patients, she decided to found The Independent Clinician, to teach fellow physical, occupational and speech therapists how to take their existing clinical skills and:


  • provide a blue print of how to start a private patient business from scratch
  • teach everything you need to learn about professional liability insurance, documentation, marketing, business skills, setting their rate, etc.
  • build confidence in your ability to own and operate your own business!

Jena offers some helpful guides called the Independent Clinician Guide to Private Patients

and The Guide to Creating a Web Presence.


Jena’s Social Media




Joe Sanok, MA, LLP, LPC

Joe PicThis is what Joe says on his about page:

In 2012 I launched Practice of the Practice to blog about what I was learning about business, marketing, and private practice. Since then, my income has gone up over 2,000%. In the beginning, I was making around $1000 per month. In 2015, I grossed over $200k!

In fact, every month I post exactly what I made and how I made it. It’s important to me, because we don’t usually talk about money and how to make it in an ethical way. I want to increase your influence and your income!


My private practice story

I started Practice of the Practice because when I completed grad school, I knew nothing about business. I have learned, read, and struggled to get my private practice going. I want to share what I’ve learned to save you time. Also, I’ve invited some friends to share what they have learned. Sometimes we agree, sometimes we don’t. I want you to hear a variety of opinions.

I don’t believe that counselors should feel that there is competition, rather, as we grow the field of counseling, we will grow the need for counselors.

Growing my business and yours

There are three themes you will see through what I’ve learned:

  1. Starting a part-time private practiceis really easy if you have someone walking you through the process. It won’t take long to grow it into a full-time practice.
  2. There are clear steps to grow a private practicein your own way! To do this, establishing a plan for SEO, adding clinicians, and increasing your overall hourly rate are some of the building blocks.
  3. It doesn’t have to be as hard as it has been! You’ve found me, you’re here! With hundreds of podcasts and articles, there is no reason you should not thrive!


Here are my top five resources:

Start listening to the counseling private practice podcast.

Begin the one-year Private Practice Development inforgraphic.

Sign up for one of the newsletters and get something awesome (you’ll just have to click to see what it is): Start a private practice or grow a private practice.

Improve your website by using Bluehost and WordPress to rank higher in Google.


If you’re ready for rapid change, let’s do some consulting!


Thanks for inviting me onto your journey!













Chad Madden PT

ChadChad is an ideas guy, and he has some really great marketing suggestions. He is also the owner of a clinic called Madden Physical Therapy. Whether you are a PT or not, you will want to check out his website at You will also want to check out his Youtube page.

Here is what his profile from his website says:

My partner and I created BPTM to help Private Practices PTs learn the best strategies to grow their businesses.

Our most popular course is our POPTS Killer Marketing course where I discuss some of my number 1 strategies to increase the amount of new patients coming to your practice immediately.

Chad’s Social Media




Jo Muirhead

JoJo is a private practice owner in Australia. She has a great positive message and some practical tips. Jo was a guest on my podcast in episode 22. She has a consulting business called Purple Co where she mentors business and private practice owners. The OT in me likes her tag line at her website “Purpose for People.”

Here is what her profile from her website says:

I am a speaker and business mentor for the health and wellness industry. As the owner and principal Rehabilitation Consultant at Purple Co (, I understand the challenges and obstacles faced by health and wellness business owners first hand. I apply the learnings and successes I have had in my own business to that of my clients, showing them that they can effectively market their business, increase their revenue, and enjoy the work they do. For more information visit

I created this company to meet the demand from allied health professionals who looked at the success I had had and wanted to learn how to create that same success in their own business. Allied health professionals are not salespeople, but I realised the important role that marketing and sales played and continues to play in the growth of my business. Through helping these professionals who had asked, I realised I wanted to help as many allied health professionals as I could, to see this same success in their own consulting practices

I have studied and implemented offline and online marketing approaches with astounding success and I now know how to use my time effectively for the best results.

Jo’s Social Media




Karen Litzy PT

KarenKaren is a PT who owns a home health private practice called Karen Litzy Physical Therapy. She also hosts a popular radio show and podcast called Healthy Wealthy and Smart.

Here is what her profile from her website says:

I started my physical therapy career in an inpatient hospital in Scranton, Pa. Moving to New York a few years later I had the opportunity to work for the New York public school system, Broadway musicals and orthopedic outpatient clinics. While the work was rewarding, I always felt like I could do more to serve my clients.

As I was searching for ways to provide a more comprehensive approach to practicing physical therapy I became overwhelmed with requests from clients to be seen in their home or office. This was an opportunity to provide not just convenience, but a different kind of practice. By adopting a “concierge” model, I could dedicate a full hour of one-on-one treatment to each and every client. Now I had ample time to evaluate, treat and re-evaluate. The concierge model allowed me the time to provide vital client education. My clients would now benefit from a comprehensive home education program.

As part of my commitment to my clients and my career, I am constantly engaging in continuing education. I have been lucky enough to learn directly from some of the best in the profession. I have received certificates from Dr. David Butler, Dr. Lorimer Moseley, Dr. Paul Hodges, The Institute of Physical Art, The American Physical Therapy Association, Hospital for Special Surgery, and many more. I graduated from Misericordia University with my masters degree in Physical Therapy. Now I’m thrilled to be embarking on my Doctorate of Physical Therapy from my alma matter beginning this summer.

I am also the host of a weekly radio show, Healthy Wealthy & Smart. The aim of the show is to provide the latest and best information on health and wellness from leading experts. I want my listeners to live a healthy and pain free life. The show promotes the profession and provides a channel to get the most accurate information out there for both practicing physical therapists and everyday people.

Karen’s Social Media




UpDoc Media



I realize that UpDoc Media is not a person. Rather, it is a collection of PT’s doing some cool stuff to help private practice owners.

Here is what the UpDoc Media About page has to say:

We are a media development and digital marketing company — specializing in physical therapy and healthcare services, driven and dedicated to your success. It is our mission to serve as a success accelerator for businesses, professionals, students, and partners through the unfair competitive advantage of bringing you content you need to know, delivered with clinical precision.

Our goal is to exceed your expectations as an accelerator of success through services in media development, digital marketing, business consulting, and strategic connections to both top talent as well as key partnerships. Ultimately, UpDoc Media brings you access to not only the content you need; but also, the connectivity, networking, and relationships that are essential in reaching your goals.

Twitter Accounts of the UpDoc Team – Be sure to follow each of them:

Dr. Ben Fung

Jerry Durham

Dr. Erson Religioso

Dr. John Rusin

Dr. Amanda Loudin



Aaron LeBauer PT

Aaron 1I had the privilege of having Aaron on my podcast in episode 15. Aaron is a great guy with an easy going personality. His message is simple yet effective. Keep it simple and be effective…for others. He offers a course called The Cash PT Blue Print for physical therapists interested in starting or improving a PT private practice. I even got to be a guest on Aaron’s Cash PT Lunch Hour Show.

Here is what the profile from his website says:
Aaron LeBauer PT, DPT, LMBT is a Doctor of Physical Therapy and a Licensed Massage and Bodywork Therapist.  He owns LeBauer Physical Therapy, which is a 100% Cash Based Physical Therapy Practice in Greensboro, NC.  He opened his physical therapy practice two months after graduating from Elon University’s doctor of physical therapy program.  Learn more about his practice in his first blog post, The Anatomy of a Physical Therapy Cash Practice. Aaron enjoys sharing his experiences in private practice and helping other physical therapists start, grow and market successful cash based physical therapy practices. – See more HERE.

Aaron’s Social Media





Paul Gaugh PT

PaulPaul owns 4 cash based clinics in the UK. He also runs the PT Profit Academy. He teaches other therapists in the US and UK how to market and run a private practice. Paul was on my podcast which you can listen to HERE.

Here is what the PT Profit Academy website says:

We help small PT clinic owners (insurance & cash based) with little or no marketing skills to grow their practices without needing referrals from doctors so that they can WIN against big corporate hospitals who dominate the health care market place in small towns.

We also show owners how to create systems in their practice to sell any cash pay services – and charge much higher prices with no resistance – so that they are able to make a huge profit even if insurance companies (like anthem blue cross have done recently in California!) decide to slash reimbursement fees!

We do this so that busy clinic owners can get on with running their practices, serving their patients even better, or enjoying more free time with their families and make more money.

Paul’s Social Media




Joe Simon PT

Jo SimonJoe is the founder of the Private Practice Business Academy. He also has a podcast titled the same. He was a guest on my podcast which you can listen to HERE.

Joe is very active on Linkedin where you can find him helping and interacting with other private practice owners. Joe is actually the owner and co-owner of several private practices.

Here is what his profile from his website says:

Private Practice Business Academy was created to help healthcare professionals ie, ( Doctors, Dentists, Physical Therapists, Massage Therapists) with business strategies, marketing , staff training etc. These skills and techniques that are not taught to us in our respective schooling. Help gain insight and implement these systems through internet,social media and direct mail which can help their private practice grow exponentially.

Joe’s Social Media




Greg Todd PT

Greg Todd is the co-owner of Renewal Rehabilitation in Wesley Chapel and Hyde Park. He graduated from Florida International University. Greg’s private practice consulting website is called Over there he has some great freebies and a cool Podcast. Plus he has a great Mastermind group with course lessons.

Here is what his profile from her website says:

Over the past 10 years, Greg has grown his 2 private practices from 3 to 17 employees.  Greg now serves as a consultant for 12 (and counting) medical and technology companies and has lectured at numerous universities and nationally recognized seminars on his innovative business and technology strategies that he has used throughout his successful 15 year career.


Greg’s Social Media




Steve Young PT

SteveSteve is a true entrepreneur. Not only does he run his own private practice, Body Solutions Inc, he has a patent pending for a fitness training approach too. Steve is high energy and likes to teach other therapists how to streamline their practice. Be sure to check out his Youtube channel.

Here is what his profile at his website says:

Helping other physical therapists automate their work process and streamline their business to generate more income with less time. Using software, we help physical therapists automate daily tasks like cancellation charge collection, copay collection, and communications to patient designed to WOW them and stimulate referrals. These systems and more, once set up, is done either by pushing 1-2 buttons or totally automated (depends on your current scheduling / billing software).

Having these systems gives the private practice owner consistent cash flow and constant growth in revenues without having to work more hours. I’ve have mentors from the best business automation experts and have been able to do this for my practice. So my goal is to share this life saving approach to my fellow practice owners

Steve’s Social Media


Rick Gawenda PT

RickRick has been the president of Gawenda Seminars & Consulting since 2003. He provides seminars, webinars, and consulting in the area of outpatient physical, occupational, and speech therapy services. These seminars and consulting focus on billing, compliance, CPT and ICD-9 & ICD-10 coding, denial management, documentation, and payment. If you are interested in providing or you already are providing services to Medicare clients, do yourself a favor and check out his seminars.

Here is what his profile from his website says:

Rick Gawenda, PT, is a licensed physical therapist with 22 years of experience and currently serves as the founder and President of Gawenda Seminars & Consulting, Inc. He graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Physical Therapy from Wayne State University in Detroit, Michigan, in 1991. Mr. Gawenda is also Director of Finance for Kinetix Advanced Physical Therapy, a private practice with offices located in Southern California. In addition, he previously worked as the Director of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation at Detroit Receiving Hospital where he was responsible for physical therapy, occupational therapy, and speech-language pathology services, both in the inpatient and outpatient setting.

He has provided valuable education and consulting to hospitals, private practices, skilled nursing facilities, and rehabilitation agencies in the areas of CPT coding, ICD-9 and ICD-10 coding, billing, documentation compliance, revenue enhancement, practice management, and denial management as they relate to outpatient therapy services. Mr. Gawenda has presented nationally since 2004 and currently presents approximately 100 dates per year around the United States.
Mr. Gawenda is a member of the American Physical Therapy Association (APTA) and Michigan Physical Therapy Association (MPTA). Mr. Gawenda is the Past President of the Section on Health Policy & Administration of the APTA as well as Past President of the Michigan Association of Medical Rehabilitation Program Administrators.

Mr. Gawenda is also the author of “The How-To Manual for Rehab Documentation: A Complete Guide to Increasing Reimbursement and Reducing Denials” and “Coding and Billing For Outpatient Rehab Made Easy: Proper Use of CPT Codes, ICD-9 Codes and Modifiers”.

Rick’s Social Media




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