How NOT To Be Overwhelmed By Your To Do List

How NOT To Be Overwhelmed By Your To Do List


We all have a to-do list, right? I have an actual written to do list. I have a calendar. I have email. I have sticky notes. I work off of all of that and I’m sure you do too. The format is the first thing. What format do you choose? Do you choose digital? Do you use a notebook to do list? What do you use? I’m curious I use a physical notebook.


Below is a transcript of the video. Any  misspelled words or punctuation errors are Google Translates fault. Any brilliance is totally attributed to the grace of God.

Hey, it’s Scott at I hope you’re having a great day today. Are you overwhelmed? Do you ever feel overwhelmed by your private practice by starting a practice? Sure, it’s not uncommon but often being overwhelmed is not by having too much stuff to do. It’s been overwhelmed by not knowing what to do next. What’s my next best move? What should I be focusing on that’s how we get overwhelmed.



I used to use the to doist app and I like that app. It’s a good app. And Google has a free to do list. Actually if you go to Google Calendar and go to the right side on the desktop. There’s a to-do list. There’s also Google keep over there. Google has some great features. Ive also used Evernote. So determine what your best method for keeping up with a list is with a to-do list. I like a physical notebook because I’m an OT I like to scratch things out and I like to write things down. That’s just me. So then after you have your to do list format, whatever that is.


Triage that list because you can’t get it all done. What’s the best thing to work on next? So what I like to do is early in the morning or the evening before the next day go through my list and triage it and say what’s the first thing I need to work on either tomorrow morning or this morning when I get to the clinic or when I start my day. What’s the best thing? What’s the first thing I need to work on and then I go from there and then usually my to-do list is pared down to no more than three items 1 number 2 number 3 and that’s what I focus on.


So, how are you going to triage? What’s the next best thing to work on because that’s what’s important. That’s what it’s going to take. So take time every day in the morning or the evening before triage your to-do list and say this is what I’m going to focus on today. Number one. Number two number three, keep it to no more than five or six tasks because you probably won’t even get three or four.


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Godspeed to you and your practice.



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