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005 The Future Of Healthcare And What To Do Now - Start a Therapy Practice
The Future Of Healthcare And What To Do Now

The Future Of Healthcare And What To Do Now

 The Affordable Healthcare Act / Obamacare will affect everything in the next few years and it is not going away. If you think this is an important message please take a moment to share it using the buttons above this article.

Leave a comment below about how healthcare changes are affecting your practice

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Here is what you will learn in this Podcast

  • What I discovered at a little known Healthcare meeting

  • What are Medical Homes

  • Who are the people pulling the strings in this system

  • What to expect as a consumer

  • What to expect as a doctor

  • What to expect as a therapist

  • Will reimbursement rates go down

  • Will my insurance premium go up

  • What steps can I take now

  • Concierge and Cashed Based Medicine


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US Department of Health and Human Services Medical Home explanation

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Direct Access Laws per Physical Therapy

A quote I found regarding medical homes in AR–they were talking about adding hip and knee replacement and congestive heart failure but of course these quotes will apply to all episodes.
(1) The type or types of small businesses that will be directly affected by the proposed rule, bear
the cost of the proposed rule, or directly benefit from the proposed rule. Health Care providers providing services for conditions covered under episodes included in the Arkansas Health Care Payment Improvement Initiative.

(2) A description of how small businesses will be adversely affected. Some health care providers may benefit from the episode performance payment model, while those providing services that do not meet certain cost and quality standards will see reduced provider revenue. Impact to any individual provider will depend on the provider’s behavior and performance.

Click HERE and when you see “want more details on changing Medicaid regulations” pop up in the window that changes. 

* The federal government has promised to pay the full cost of expansion until 2017. By 2020, states would shoulder 10 percent of the costs.

Duke University School of Medicine – Department of Community and Family Medicine    Medical home explanation with links.


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