90 Handwriting Niche With Cheri Dotterer, Occupational Therapist

90 Handwriting Niche With Cheri Dotterer, Occupational Therapist

Cheri’s mission is to educate teachers, schools, parents, and related professionals about dysgraphia and provide strategies to improve it and the educational system.



Her private practice niche is a growing one along with dyslexia. Cheri and Scott talk about the differences and similarities of dysgraphia and dyslexia. And she has a new book out to help you educate yourself and your clients. I bought one and you can too HERE.




We also talk about how to target and help parents choose you to help their child with these difficulties.



Be sure to check out Cheri’s website The Dysgraphia Consultant



She has a Facebook Group too



Cheri mentions a website where she learned about book writing and publishing. It’s called the Book Hook.


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