Goals I’m Setting For This Year And How I’m Doing That

Goals I’m Setting For This Year And How I’m Doing That


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I Hope you had a great end of the year. If you’re watching this later on the year, it’s never too late to learn from these lessons that I’m going to tell you about. have some end of the year thoughts.  We should take some time. I’m going to take some time today and later this week to assess the previous.


So that’s why I’m going to study those numbers and then I’m going to report those numbers to my wife. So what we have scheduled is at least once a month my wife and I are going to meet and we’re going to go over some numbers numbers for our business numbers for our home budget numbers projection numbers actually. So that’s one thing I’m going to look at the another thing that I’m going to look at from this previous year is referral numbers.


Where did our referrals come from specific referral sources? And when did those referral sources come did I get more referral sources in February or did I get more referral sources in July? And why was that? Can I figure that out? Why is this referral source not referring to us anymore or very low and can I do something about that?


I’m also going to look at how many sessions by place and by time. We now have three therapy clinics. We also do therapy and daycares. I want to see where and how many sessions we’re having in each place. And what type of sessions are we having most of. Are we have in mostly speech therapy sessions OT PT? That’s what we provide in my private practice and I want to look at those numbers and see where maybe we had some good numbers, but it kind of dwindle and can I improve on that?


I probably will find some other numbers to look at also from those numbers that is going to inform the goals that I’m going to set for this next year. And so if I want to improve referrals from this particular referral source, that’s going to be a goal. How do I do that? Do I visit them every week? Do I visit them once a month? How do I nurture that relationship to get more referrals from a referral source that used to give us a lot of referrals or more referrals anyway.


I need to figure out what has been working and do more of that. But also what has worked in the past dwindled and improve on that. I want to make sure I’m spending my time wisely because there’s only so much time in my day.


Now another part of that is to focus on those tasks that only I as the practice owner can do it do more of those in the task that I’m doing that anybody could do or somebody else could do those tasks to free up my time to do all the tasks that I can do because I promise you as the practice owner you’re doing tasks that you should not be doing and you’re not doing enough of the tasks that only you can do.


So we have to look at that and it takes time to reflect on that and see that I’ve been doing this one task and anybody could do this. I can delegate that out. And that’s what I want to focus on in 2020 or this next year. Whenever you’re watching this, I must delegate more tasks so I can focus on the tasks and do more of those. That’s that’s my goals for this next year. That’s my suggestions for you.


I’m going to suggest that we need to set radically big goals some goals that are pretty far out there that would really stretch us to achieve that goal because here’s the key. Our brain will only work on figuring out how to achieve a goal that we put into our brain. So if we don’t actually create goals our brain can work on how am I going to achieve this goal? So create a couple of really big goals because your brain is going to start thinking about How do we get to that goal? How do we achieve that goal that I’ve implanted into my brain.


You can always work on that goal achieving that goal if you put it in there. So put that into your mind. Here’s what I want to accomplish this this next year and your brains going to start working on that because guess what you’re super smart your brain is going to say yes. I want to achieve that goal. How in the world do I do it? All right.


I’d like to know what radically big goals you’re going to try to achieve this next year put a comment down below because guess what it’s going to challenge. Challenge me and it’s going to challenge. Other listeners that they should be setting radically big goals very similar to what you’re going to try to accomplish and then let us now.


Here’s to a great next year. It’s going to be very very good. I just know it. All right godspeed to you and your practice.


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