Marketing and strategyI love giving people helpful information. That was a big motivation for me starting this website, my podcast and for that matter writing this specific post. This should be your attitude also.

You want to be a go to source of pure helpfulness in your community.  But, how do you do that? How can you be the Robin Hood of therapy in your neck of the woods?

If you are interested in going into private practice you should have 2-3 different presentations that you can give. These presentation should be on a topic that your audience is interested in. Remember you want to help people. Do not give a presentation about how great your therapy practice is or how awesome a therapist you are. Give a presentation that is a solution to a problem.


Here are some potential organizations to hit up and present to:

Daycares and Schools

Staff development and training is something daycares and schools usually provide. And they love free turn-key presentations! This could easily be your best referral source if you treat in pediatrics.

KiwanisCivic Groups

These groups are known for giving frequent presentations.

Kiwanis Clubs

Rotary Clubs

RotaryLions Clubs

4-H Clubs


This is a great way to start small, especially if it is your own church. Besides, if you mess up, it’s the perfect Crossplace to be forgiven.

Doctors Offices

Provide a lunch while speaking on a topic of interest. I am not real big on this idea but I know some people do it and have a relative amount of success.

Health and Fitness Centers

These centers have a natural interest in therapy and are usually eager to offer their clients any information on health and independence.

Homeschool Groups

These groups offer great word of mouth advertising. If you can be known as a homeschool friendly business, news will travel fast in this circle.



Rooms are usually free, and they will let you advertise on their bulletin boards and possibly on their website for free.

Retirement Centers

These centers are usually looking for interesting and helpful resources for their staff and residents.

Wherever you give a presentation be sure to bring free information to hand out. These free items should have your contact information. Of course business cards are great but handouts and pamphlets are good promotional items too.

When I give a presentation at a daycare I give them this book. I print off one of those return address stickers with my company name, phone number Bookand website address on it and stick it right on the cover. I also put a few business cards in the pages. Give them something to remember you and make it super helpful.

 What tips and insights do you have about presenting to the local community?

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