The First Step To Getting More Daycare Clients

The First Step To Getting More Daycare Clients


I’m working on the little mini course on how to get more daycare clients. So if you’re in the Pediatric Therapy space this is going to be a course for you.

It’s a multi lesson course and I want to go over a very important first step of how to get more daycare clients. And if you’re interested in this course go over to and you can see what all that course entails.

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So the first lesson I call this the approach. Technically we have to find daycare’s that we want to approach to offer. Maybe a free screening. I really Center this around screenings because we want to identify the children in that day care who might need our help and so your approach is very tricky because of First Impressions and first impressions are tricky because you only have like what 10 seconds and somebody’s already got that first impression of You.

When you approach them always approach a daycare or any referral source from a place of helpfulness. How can I help this referral source instead of asking Give first that psychological aspect of reciprocity of me giving first and then them wanting to give back because that’s reciprocal and human nature wants us to not be in debt to that person who has given us something like, oh they gave me this. I really owe them something and that’s not technically our motivation, but it certainly is true that that that aspect is in there.

The motivation should be one from altruism that we really want to help these people. We really know we can help them with our therapy and that there’s kids in that daycare who are developmentally behind that we know we can help. So the approach is this.

What I like to do is I like to walk in and introduce myself briefly and say my name is Scott. I own therapy 4 kids and we provide OT PT and speech. They think we’re selling them something so we have to put them at their ease and let them know we’re not selling them something so you really have to understand the mindset of the person that you’re talking to at any business. There thinking, man here comes another person trying to sell me something or is this a regulator?

They think oh, who’s this coming in? This looks this looks like somebody important. Are we doing something wrong? So you want to put them at ease right from the get-go and let them know this is who I am and we see kids in my in my facility and a lot of times parents are asking about local daycares. And so I would like to get some information from you so I can give to the parents of the kids that we treat when they’re asking about daycare.

We’re helping them out. We’re saying hey, we’re here to help you out. This is what we do and can we get some information from you to help you out? So that’s kind of the first point of the approach. I cover more aspects of how to get more daycare clients in this course. If you’re interested go over to and you can see what all that involves and if you have specific questions, about how to get more daycare clients.  Be sure to like And subscribe to this video to this Channel and I appreciate you watching. Godspeed to you and your practice.[/vc_column_text]


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