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A comprehensive guide that removes the fear and confusion from private practice. Designed specifically for Physical, Speech, and Occupational Therapists. Any professional interested in starting a private practice will benefit from this guide to private practice.

Plus, you can get the 45 page E-book: Private Practice Survey Results. See how over 100 private practice owners market and operate their business. These two books are the tools you need to Start and Run your Private Practice.

  • Speech Therapists
  • Occupational Therapists
  • Physical Therapists

This Book Will Pay For Itself Many Times Over

Market Analysis

Without the vital information you get from this type of scrutiny, you could be jumping into a lion’s den.

Business Plan

Your business plan is your blueprint for success. It’s often called a road map. It shows where your business plans to go in the future and how it plans to get there.

Debt and Start up Money

The more money you have in the beginning of private practice, the more freedom you will also have.

Equipment and Supplies

When you begin your practice, start small and only buy the most necessary supplies and equipment that fit in your budget.

Phone and Fax

You want your business number to be on all of your marketing tools. And you want the community to associate this number with your practice.

Physical Places to Work Without Owning a Clinic

Some practices are located in a brick and mortar clinic while others work administratively from home and provide therapy in other facilities with no overhead.

Marketing and Referrals

You must constantly monitor the effectiveness of your marketing tools and think of them purely in terms of growing profit.

Insuring Your Practice

As boring as I find the topic of insurance to be, it is something that you must have in order to be an independent therapist and do private practice.

Privacy and HIPAA

It’s better not to get in trouble with a system that has endless resources to make you pay for such a mistake.

Progress Notes

Progress notes are something that you want to get right from the beginning. If you employ multiple therapists, you want progress notes to be universal.


Don’t let billing scare you or keep you from opening a private practice.

Hiring Therapists and Staff

Opening your practice to multiple disciplines will better establish your business within the community, generate more referrals and make your marketing much more effective.


Private practitioners get things done because they believe in the possibility of success. This is the vision of all good entrepreneurs.


Remember, you must do your research before opening a private practice. And after you are in practice, you must continue learning.

Survey E-book

20 pages full of information on how other private practice owners operate and market their business for just a few dollars more.


Bonus Ebook