Get More Daycare Clients – The Course

Video Lessons Plus Handouts & Templates

Ready To Go Out On Your Own Or Grow Your Existing Practice?




Since 2006 my therapy practice has seen kids in a daycare. This multi lesson course has all that I have learned on how start, scale and automate the process. Plus I give you all the tools and exactly what to say. 


Paperwork You Will Need From Parents And The Daycare

Exactly What To Say To Daycare Directors

How To Get Paid

What Screening Tools To Use

What You Will Learn:


  • How to identify which daycare to target


  • The right way to make first contact with the daycare


  • What NOT to say to the daycare director – And exactly what to say


  • What paperwork you will need for the daycare and parents – Use Mine


  • What screening tool/s to use


  • How to stay organized


  • How to get paid…AND so much more