Client Tracking EMR

Client Tracking Spreadsheet Thumbnail 300pxI use a tracking spreadsheet in my private practice and I want to make it available to you for FREE. The video below gives you a good idea of what all this tool can do.

Scroll down to download the spreadsheet.


Here are a few things this spreadsheet will help you with:

  • Tracks multiple clients basic information
  • Tracks when prescriptions are due
  • Tracks when re-evaluations are due
  • Tracks prescription requests from doctors
  • Tracks where customers heard about you
  • Tracks diagnosis of each client
  • Tracks referral dates
  • Tracks potential treatment units
  • Tracks actual treatment units
  • Tracks place of treatment
  • Tracks individual therapist units
  • Tracks funding
  • Tracks referral cycle
  • Doctor report page
  • Graphs of tracked numbers to give you insight into the details of your practice


Below the video you can download the form



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