068 How To Start A Therapy Business – Checklist Included

Start-Up 101

Start-Up 101

FREE Checklist

What does it take to start a therapy practice? What do you need in place to treat your first client?

This episode is Start-Up 101


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 EIN Application  


Go Card Connect – Payment Processing Tool That Scott Uses 


CLIPS App for iPhone 


Book: The Ultimate Marketing Plan 


Book: The E-Myth 


Book: Profit First 



EMR Options


Intake-Q – A Simple EMR With Great Intake Tools 


Scott’s Progress Note



067 – Your Therapy Practice Website

Website Tips

Website Tips

I recently attended a 1 day class called “Marketing on a Dime” at my Alma Mater business school.  Part of the focus was on your business website which I would argue is your best marketing tool.

In this podcast I cover what to have on your private practice website and the tools to use to make your website great.

I also cover how to get your website to rank better with Google and other search engines. I cover a lot of ground in a short amount of time so…


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066 Overseas Speech Therapy With Menie Pagomenakis

Menie Pagomenakis

Menie Pagomenakis

Speech Therapist

Menie Pagomenakis is from Greece and spent her high school and college years in New York. She now owns an overseas Speech Therapy private practice in Dubai. Listen to learn how she started her clinic in the United Arab Emirates.

After Menie and I corresponded through email a few times about her private practice I had to get her on the podcast when I learned she was in Dubai. If you have a sense of adventure, Menie shares with us how to find a therapy job in Dubai.

Comment below if you have done any overseas therapy

Menie obtained her Speech Communication Disorders degree from Brooklyn College in New York. She also has a degree from Teacher’s College, Columbia University in bilingual education development which allows her to practice as a Greek-English Bilingual Speech Therapist.

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Here is what we cover:

  • How she found a job in Dubai

  • How she transitioned from employee in Dubai to private practice

  • How Menie did her market analysis

  • Cultural differences in Dubai

  • Her start up costs

  • Who is paying for therapy in Dubai

  • What does her competition look like

  • How she is marketing now

  • Long term goals for her clinic

  • Business resources she recommends



Email Menie:   menieslt at gmail.com (no spaces – use @)

E-Myth, Michael Gerber

Getting Better at Private Practice, Chris E. Stout

Women & Money: Owning the Power to Control Your Destiny, Susan Orman

Million Dollar Practice, David Steele

New Sales Speak, Terri Sjodin

The Secret, Ronda Byrne

Think and Grow Rich, Napolean Hill

Mini Habits, Stephen Guise

Podcasts Menie likes:

Start a Therapy Practice

The Thriving Entrepreneurs

Practice of the Practice

The Enoughness Revolution

Wellness Force Radio

065 How Government Policy Is Changing Therapy with Daneen Groomes

Daneen Groomes

Daneen Grooms, MHSA, is ASHA’s director of health reform analysis and advocacy. Her focus is on advocating for the inclusion of audiologists and speech-language pathologists in health reform initiatives, including alternative payment models.

She is liaison to the Center for Consumer Information & Insurance Oversight and the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Innovation in the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS).

This episode is not just for Speech Therapists. Daneen visits with Scott about how current and future healthcare changes are affecting not only therapy but private practice.

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 Links Mentioned:


Email Daneen:  dgrooms @ asha.org (no spaces)

ASHA Advocacy Page – Be informed

ASHA State Advocacy Page – Be informed about your state

Patient Centered Medical Homes – Explained by US Department of Health

ASHA Explains Patient Centered Medical Homes and the impact on Therapy

AOTA Explains Patient Centered Medical Homes

APTA Explains Patient Centered Medical Homes and the impact on Physical Therapy

Here is some of what we cover:

  • What type of alternative payment models are happening right now?

  • What do these payment models mean for therapy and private practice?

  • What about 3rd party evaluations? Who is doing them and what is it?

  • Who controls the money in the “Episodes of Care Payment Model?”

  • What’s the best way for a practice owner to access the money?

  • How can we be informed and what can we do?

  • How do therapists prove our quality outcomes?

  • And More…



064 Huntington University OT Students Interview Scott

Huntington University

Huntington University

Indiana Campus

A group of OT students at Huntington University in Fort Wayne, IN contacted me to ask for an interview for a class project they were working on. I really enjoy talking to therapy students and was glad to help out.

The group of students wanted to ask me about my entrepreneurial ventures. I love talking shop and I really enjoyed talking to this great group of students. The future is going to be very bright if there are more like these students in the pipeline.


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Here is some of what we cover:

  • How has my education as an OT helped develop my entrepreneur skills

  • How did I get started in private practice

  • How did I grow my practice

  • Why did you start this website and podcast

  • What advice do you have for a new entrepreneur Here is who was on the call from Huntington University:

  • Meadow Deason, OTDS

  • Madison Deloney, OTDS

  • Carter Maples, OTDS

  • Jane Marshall, OTDS

  • Mary Anderson, OTDS



063 Holistic Physical Therapy Practice With Nate Kloosterman

Nate Kloosterman

Nate Kloosterman

Physical Therapist

Nate Kloosterman was the second therapist to buy my ebook How to Start and Run a Therapy Practice. I was flattered when he contacted me in the early stages of starting his therapy practice to bounce some ideas off of me.

Have a listen and see how Nate has created a brick and mortar PT practice that is holistic in its approach and personal in its service. I really like what he is doing.

Nate is offering a health coaching system as part of his wellness program at his clinic and he is willing to help other therapists implement a turnkey Health Coaching program similar to his. Just email him at  physiopointtherapy@gmail.com.

Nate is a family man with great faith and is just an all-around great guy.

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Physio Point Therapy – Nate’s practice

OT Potential – Fieldwork Manual and check out the cool T-shirts

ASHA On-line conference: Growing a Thriving Private Practice – Scott is a sponsor

Here is what we cover:

  • His initial expectations of private practice. What he got right and wrong

  • How he transitioned from working for someone else full time to private practice

  • How he markets now to find new patients

  • What’s his competition like

  • What EMR he uses

  • His holistic approach to therapy

  • His other treatment techniques



62 Cash Practice From Scratch

Paul Potter

Paul Potter

Physical Therapist

Paul Potter has been a close friend of mine for some time now. Recently he and I hung out at the WebPT Ascend conference in Ft. Worth, Texas.

He tried to get me to sit on one of the live bulls in front of the Stock Yard rodeo arena. I’m from Arkansas. I let him know this wasn’t my first rodeo.

Paul knows what it’s like to begin a start-up for less than $100 when he lacked the necessary finances and self-confidence.

Now he has created a course to help therapists start a cash therapy business. Click to check out Paul’s Cash Practice From Scratch Course.

 FREE STUFF!  Be sure to get these freebies from Paul:

Cash Practice Tools & Resources  

Cash Practice From Scratch Book – First Chapter

Full Disclosure – Some of these are affiliate links

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Paul is a Physical Therapist who lives in Nebraska with his wife, who is also a PT. They have four daughters. For more than 35 years he successfully managed his own private practice. He now guides therapists on how to start up their own practice at his website PaulPotterpt.com and podcast.

Paul created the Cash Therapy Success Academy because he believes in the power and impact of therapy entrepreneurs creating small business. Therapy provided in large organizations is essential and make no mistake we need it. But the real magic begins with entrepreneurs – born with the unique gift to build successful businesses.

The Cash Therapy Success Academy exists to help entrepreneurs like you create a fulfilling and profitable practice for yourself and those you care about. We provide quality resources and training through courses, books, and coaching found on the PaulPotterPT.com blog and Cash Therapy Success Academy.



Cash Practice Tools & Resources – FREE 

Cash Practice From Scratch Book – First Chapter FREE

Take Paul’s Therapy Biz Quiz – Are You Ready To Start A Therapy Biz?

Paul’s Amazon Page

Paul’s Functional Freedom Podcast

Fun Testimonial Scott and Paul did for Tom Kruse PT 

FREE Chapter


Cash Practice From Scratch Course Description:

The Cash Practice From Scratch Course uses real world advice to help you quickly turn your practice idea into a viable niche practice. You’ll receive step-by-step guidance on starting a cash practice from scratch without spending boatloads of money.

The Cash Practice From Scratch Course will teach you another way to build your dream practice. Instead of spending thousands dollars and countless hours on setting up your business that you’re not sure will work we take a different approach.

Instead of building your entire practice before you see your first patient you will create a practice pilot to discover what your ideal clients want from you and are willing to pay. You will learn how to build momentum for your practice launch will patients and key influencers who will support your launch.

The Cash Practice From Scratch Course is the best strategy to start your own business with the least amount of risk and cost. You’ll create a solid Pre-Launch foundation strategy and utilize only the essential business systems to get your practice off the ground fast.

Module One- Destination

  1. Who am I?

  2. Where have I been and where am going?

  3. Why do I want to go there?

Module Two- Mission Plan

  1. Who am I going to serve?

  2. How am I going to make their lives better?

  3. Is there a market?

Module Three- Launch Pad

  1. Who will support me?

  2. How will people find me?

Module Four- All Systems Are Go

  1. How do I run a business?

Module Five- Lift Off

  1. How do I get noticed?

  2. How do I make a profit?

Module Six- Outer Limits

  1. How do I provide exceptional value?

  2. How do I grow?


61 What To Track And Measure In Your Private Practice

Tracking Numbers

Tracking Numbers

Brandon Seigel joins Scott today to talk metrics and Key Performance Indicators (KPI). Between Brandon and Scott a ton of number crunching happens behind the private practice scenes.

Be sure to click on the Links button below to check out all we discussed.

You can download a checklist of the reports and metrics that we talk about below.

060 Kelly Ott’s Cash Based Speech Practice

Kelly Ott

Kelly Ott

Speech Therapist

Kelly Ott has a Speech Therapy practice that is out of network with everyone.

Her practice is called Speech Pathology Services which is located in central Missouri. Listen in to see how she built her business and some unique ways she gets paid. 

Kelly and Lara Wakefield also have a website called S.M.A.R.T.E.R Steps that educates therapists on how they can achieve federal and state compliance while completing IEP’s. Kelly and Lara also have a book that is a 7 Step Prompting System for Developing IEP Compliant Goals

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Here is what we cover:

  • Why she decided to not bill insurance

  • How she markets her practice

  • Tools she uses to bill clients

  • Unique ways of getting paid – Hint – It’s called bartering

  • Her tool to help you create and be compliant with IEP’s

  • Her other business venture that has nothing to do with therapy


Google for Business – Create your practice page

S.M.A.R.T.E.R Steps – Create better and compliant IEP’s

Kelly’s practice website

Email Kelly:  klott@mcmsys.com  or  team@smartersteps.com

Conversations in Speech – Listen to Scott be interviewed on Jeff Stepen’s podcast

Listen to Jeff Stepen on Start a Therapy Practice podcast


59 Start A Corporate Massage Therapy Practice With Dave Guzman

Dave Guzman

Dave Guzman

Massage Therapist

Massage therapy was not Dave’s first career choice. Dave is also an engineer. He spent his engineering days in Fortune 500 companies. Now he has his own full-time Massage Therapy business called Strategic Wellness Services.

After Dave received a fabulous massage treatment while on vacation he decided he wanted to offer the gift of massage treatment to others.  He became a licensed Massage Therapist and now offers massage treatments along with wellness and ergonomics to corporations.

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Here is some of what we cover:

  • What social media to use for generating corporate contacts to generate leads.

  • What licensing/certificates/insurance/etc are needed to work in a corporate environment.

  • How to market your chair/table massage business with corporations.

  • How to hire/interview contractors/employees (licensed therapists) for corporations.

  • What specific services make sense to offer corporations (chair/table massage, ergonomics, etc).

  • How to retain corporate clients.

  • What is the difference between private vs corporate clients?

  • How to schedule corporate clients and keep them on the calendar.

  • When is the best time to market to corporate clients?

  • What are the Female vs male therapists in a corporate environment?

  • How he chose his practice name.

  • How to get free help from your local university business department.