078 The Practice Freedom Method With Jamey Schrier, PT

Jamey Shrier

Jamey Shrier

Physical Therapist

 Dr. Jamey Schrier, PT knows how to organize a therapy practice. His website ThePracticeFreedomMethod.com has helped numerous therapists streamline and grow their practice.

Listen in to Jamey’s journey of private practice, going from “soul crushing struggles” to stability and freedom.

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077 Multiple Physical Therapy Clinics With Tony Maritato

Tony Maritato

Tony Maritato

Physical Therapist

 Anthony Maritato has 3 clinics in two different states called Total Therapy Solutions. He opened his private practice with the focus on serving his clients.


He quickly learned that he needed to know more about running a business. Listen in to discover what books he read and what he put in place to grow and automate his therapy business. Be sure to like Tony’s Clinic Facebook Page.


Scott’s Academy of Private Practice will have open enrollment January 10-15

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076 How To Start A Home Health Therapy Private Practice With Bert De Vera, PT

Bert DeVera

Bert DeVera

Physical Therapist

I was recently a presenter at an event that Bert put on called the Rehab Business Summit. Bert’s presentation focused on how to start a rehab home health business. Listen to this podcast interview with Bert to see how he did it.

Engelbert De Vera has been a Physical Therapist since 1998. He worked in the corporate world for the first 6 years of his PT career and decided to go solo in 2003. He ventured into different businesses but has kept his interest in using his knowledge as a PT to create his own rehab company.

Bert also has a podcast which you can check out at PTbusinesscoach.com.

075 Military Training “Secrets” To Propel Your Therapy Business

Military Tactics

Military Tactics

Live by Discipline

Live by discipline, not by default is what I have on the back of my business card. Discipline is what was instilled in me when I was in the Army.


Business and sports are often looked at as simulated war. There are strategies and tactics. Positioning, training and most of all leadership. Listen in to some military “secrets” that will help you in your private practice.


If you like military flavored podcasts about business and life check out Jocko Podcast.


I mention a commencement speech by a Navy Seals commander. Watch that HERE.

074 Strategy Consult With An Academy Member – Opening A Practice Within 6 Months

Academy Member

Academy Member

One of my most favorite things to do is to have one on one strategy sessions with members of The Academy of Private Practice.


Shannon will open her therapy practice within the next 6 months. She agreed to let me share her strategy session with you on this podcast episode.


Be sure to check out the FREE GUIDES that I mention in this podcast.


October 25 – 30 will be open enrollment to the Academy of Private Practice.


After that, enrollment will happen in January – June – September each year.

073 A Practice Owner And Her Podcast With Allison Carter Occupational Therapist

Allison Carter

Allison Carter

Occupational Therapist

Allison Occupational Therapy practice is called My Midwest Therapy. She works mainly in early intervention in the state of Missouri. She started a podcast this year called Milestones.

  • How she started her private practice in early intervention

  • How she marketed her services to those in charge of the early intervention program

  • What the paperwork for early intervention looks like for her

  • How she does EI billing

  • Why she started a podcast called Milestones

  • Who she initially targeted for her podcast and who actually listens

072 – A Cash Pay Practice That Helps Clients With Life Transitions With Debora Davidson

Debora Davidson

Debora Davidson

Occupational Therapist

I was excited to get Dr. Debora Davidson, Occupational Therapist, on the podcast. Her cash pay private practice, Bright Futures, is not your typical therapy practice.She is helping adults transition through life’s difficulties. You have come across people who have difficulty making that jump from high school to college or transition from education to the work environment. She helps with these circumstances and more.

Her website says that “Engaging in positive and meaningful activities helps promote healthy development and personal transformation, and ultimately results in positive change.”  Debora is helping clients grow by encouraging that positive change through transitional support, guidance, and coaching.

Debora is helping other OT’s start a practice like hers. Be sure to check out her AuthenticOT website and definitely join her AuthenticOT Facebook Group.

Therapy Business Summit Conference with Scott Harmon, Aaron Labauer, Greg Todd, Bert De Vera.


071 – Telemedicine Telepractice & Teletherapy for Physical, Occupational & Speech Therapy




Telepractice, Telemedicine, TeleTherapy, whatever you call it Brandon Seigel and I talk about the rules, tools and “how to” of providing remote therapy.

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070 – The Therapists’ Corner – Keys To Setting Up Your Practice

The Therapists' Corner

The Therapists' Corner

Speech Therapy

What happens when three Speech Therapists who each have their own private practice clinics come together and write a “How To” book? You get a really useful tool. The authors share some really great insights about private practice in this episode.

The book is called Putting Your Dreams To Work. Keys To Setting Up Your Therapy Practice. The authors are Adrienne Fuller, Pamela Rowe, and Natasha Carby-Joseph.


Use code RW6XCKKV at checkout on Create Space to save 25% on this book

This book doesn’t take anything for granted. It explains the most basic set up tasks and goes into marketing and even provides forms that each of the therapists uses in their clinics. Be sure to check out their website TheTherapistsCorner.com and join their Facebook Group


069 – Insurance: How To Sign Up and Be In Network

The world of insurance is made confusing on purpose. If it were easy to navigate everyone would participate. This podcast doesn’t go into why you should or should not be an in network provider for insurance. That is more of a business philosophy question.

This podcast covers how to sign up to be in network with an insurance provider. Don’t bother writing down the steps. I have created a checklist with the links I mention to the websites and tools I have for you, along with the steps to be in network.

Download my free checklist below.