Giving Presentations to Get More Referrals – 6 Local Places to Hit Up

Marketing and strategyI love giving people helpful information. That was a big motivation for me starting this website, my podcast and for that matter writing this specific post. This should be your attitude also.

You want to be a go to source of pure helpfulness in your community.  But, how do you do that? How can you be the Robin Hood of therapy in your neck of the woods?


The Importance Of A Good Sign

Gbr SignI just finished moving one of my clinics and I have learned a lot.

Over the years I have had to move my clinics at least 4 times, each time having to get new signage. I have made it somewhat of a study of what constitutes a good sign.


Choosing the Legal Structure of A Practice

Know The Rules

This is a guest post by Iris Kimberg, MS PT OTR

There are many forms that a private practice or therapy business entity can take, ranging from a solo practitioner to a corporate practice with shareholders. The legal entity you choose should be determined by the laws of your particular state( that varies tremendously from state to state), and what you want to offer or provide in your entity. Find out the rules and regulations within your state and make sure you conform. The best place to look for information is with the division that issues your professional licenses, usually the State Education Department.Yellow Sign