Business Skills And Insights To Eliminate The Fear From Starting And Running A Private Practice

Business Skills And Insights To Eliminate The Fear From Starting And Running A Private Practice

“Average people see money through the eyes of emotion. Rich people think about money logically.”

This is a quote from an article at Yahoo Finance.

Fear is an emotion which can cause you to think  illogically. This episode will give you some specific insight on business skills and whether you have what it takes to run a private practice or not.  If you already own a private practice, then you will learn some specific techniques on how to think about business and some tips on how to run your private practice well.

I think you will find this information as inspiring as I did.  Please leave a comment about how rich people think differently and how you try to implement that way of thinking.

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Here is what is covered in this episode:

  • The business skills you need to run a private practice

  • Take the test to determine if your private practice idea is a good one

  • How to determine if your private practice idea will work without taking a risk

  • Who should you ask to see if your private practice is a good idea

  • Should you get a business degree

  • The Entrepreneur mind- how it works and how yours should work

  • What type of business model you should consider

  • Maslow’s hierarchy and your private practice

  • What numbers you should track and when you should  track them

  • Is there such a thing as a bad customer

  • Other ways rich people think

  • Is money the number one motivator


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