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“It was with Scott’s encouragement and wealth of knowledge, that I felt confident to start a therapy clinic.” 

Terrica Weatherford

Who Is Scott Harmon

Hi there. My wife and I are both Occupational Therapists. 

Our 2 clinics provide OT, Speech and PT.

I created my private practice so I could provide therapy in the way it was meant to be provided and to bring the most improvement to my clients while experiencing the freedom and benefits of being the boss.

My private practice has grown to such an amazing level, and with the automation systems that I have put in place it can almost run by itself. This growth and automation has allowed me to help you build something similar, and it’s all available to you through my Academy.

I believe it is the private therapy practice that will preserve personal service and attention to clients who seek more than a mediocure therapy experience. It thrills me to help you be that beacon of light. Click HERE for more about Scott.

Ecourse Lessons

Start Up

Business Plan


Insuring Your Practice

Places To Work

Market Analysis


Demographic Analysis

Getting Referrals



Marketing Theory

Networking For Referrals

Writing Ads

Request For Proposals

Google For Business

Logos And Promotionals

Getting Testimonials

Content Creation

Presentations Workshops

Your Practice Website

Social Media Tactics

Internet Search Ranking


Insurance Provider?

Billing Insurance

Billing The Client

Billing Schools

Hiring And Systems

Hiring Office Staff

Hiring Therapists


Systems For Growth


HIPAA And Privacy

Policy Handbook

Progress Notes


Who is this for?

Occupational Therapists

Physical Therapists

Speech Therapists

NOT Accepting New Members

Open Enrollment Sept 19 - 23

“Scott takes the guess work out of building a solid business plan, marketing and documenting for a private practice. The Billing section provides in-depth information about the billing process to help practitioners decide the best option to fit the community they serve.”

Amanda Block, Occuptional Therapist

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