I am always looking for good therapists to hire. Even if I don’t have a full caseload for a new therapist, I am always looking for therapists to hire part time or in the future.

Even if you are a solo practitioner, you should be looking for therapists to hire later on. Start networking, and collect names of people to hire.


Don’t limit your practice’s potential. One of the best ways to grow your practice is to have therapists available to hire. I keep a database of therapists within my target area, and I am continually adding to the list.

To find therapists, you can use the following resources:

1.  Ask therapists you know for recommendations. This source is invaluable because therapists typically know one another.  They can give you inside information on the other therapist’s personality and professional skills.

2.  Request a mailing list from your state therapy licensing agency. My state physical therapy licensing agency will provide a spreadsheet of PT’s. This list contains their phone, email and mailing address. I can then filter that spreadsheet by location to isolate therapists near me. I can also determine how long they have been out of school by looking at their license number. The cost for this service is $50. Your state licensing agencies may or may not provide this service, but it is worth checking out.


3.  Social media. Posting job announcements on your practice’s social media platforms, works well if you are receiving a lot of traffic. In terms of ads, social media is great at targeting a specific demographic, but they charge you for doing so. Always use a graphic with a face on it to attract the most attention. I use Canva to create graphics.

4.  Craigslist is another free way of advertising. Just be ready for therapy head hunter services to contact you. You may not want to give your phone number on Craigslist. An email or fax number is enough. Do not put your direct email name in the ad. In other words, write it like this: Scott at startatherapypractice dot com. If a hiring agency or spammer can copy and paste your address, you will receive all their junk email.

5.  Do you have a relationship with your local college therapy program? Even if you don’t know anyone at your local colleges, don’t rule this source out. The OT and PT departments at my local university have a job board on their website. I just email them our position, and they post it to the job board. Sometimes they will even email our job position to a list of recently graduated students.


6.  There are many sites that people post resumes on like Monster.com. I prefer Indeed.com. Not only can therapists post a resume, employers can search for those resumes by location and trade.

7.  Never underestimate the power of prayer. Just recently my PT’s informed me that their caseloads were full. We would need to use a waiting list for future clients. I remember one of the PT’s saying a quick prayer when she told me this information. That same day, before I could advertise the position, I got a call from a PT moving back to the area.

How do you find therapists for your practice? Leave a comment  below

Godspeed to you and your practice!

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