44 – Pediatric Physical Therapist Stacy Menz

44 – Pediatric Physical Therapist Stacy Menz


Stacy Menz is a pediatric Physical Therapist in the San Francisco bay area. She owns and operates Star Fish Therapies which provides Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy and Speech Therapy. 

“I believe therapy should involve enough fun and imagination that a child not only enjoys their therapy sessions, but looks forward to them and doesn’t realize how hard they are working.”

Stacy Menz


Here is what we cover:

  • Her path to private practice

  • How she initially found private practice clients

  • How the Early Intervention program works in her state

  • How Stacy does marketing

  • Her referral sources

  • How her therapists write progress notes

  • What EMR she is using

  • How she does billing

  • How and why she does group classes




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