036 Speech Dudes – Russell Cross And Chip Clarke – Your Practice and Assistive Technology

036 Speech Dudes – Russell Cross And Chip Clarke – Your Practice and Assistive Technology

So who are the Dudes?

Russell Cross is a speech therapist from the UK and works with the Prentke Romich Company whom he has been with since 1995. He is the owner of a number of US patents and his research interests are in corpus linguistics, machine syntax and assistive technology.

Chip Clarke is a speech therapist who has been in the assistive technology arena since 1989. Chip started a private practice called Asistive Technology Works, Inc which has now evolved into an AAC equipment distributor. Chip also consults with Prentke Romich.

The Speech Dudes website introduces them as Dude 1 and Dude 2 with a tag line that reads “The Edgy Side of Speech Pathology; sharp, profane, but never dull.”

Reminiscent of Thing 1 and Thing 2 from Dr. Seuss, these two guys like to have fun.  I had a great time talking to them.

Their blog, Speechdudes.wordspress.com, has been featured in the ASHA Leader magazine. The dudes describe the blog as a stream of consciousness.

Here is some of what we cover:

·         How to fund AAC devices

·         Who needs to be in on an AAC eval? OT and Speech, Speech only?

·         Are the report requirements different for private practices versus a hospital or other facility

·         Eye gaze technology and AAC communication – What’s coming

·         Difference between communication Apps and something more professional like Prenke Romich

·         Dude Notes – Recommendations by the Speech Dudes

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