Nicole Sergent

Nicole Sergent

Physical Therapy Early Intervention And Her Product She Developed

Nicole Sergent is a physical therapist who works in the West Virginia area. She is an independent contractor with the Early Intervention program. She has also developed a product that helps parents and therapists know which activities are developmentally appropriate for their child.

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Here is what we cover:

  • Her journey to private practice and entrepreneurship

  • How much she gets paid per hour

  • How she writes progress notes

  • Her multiple streams of revenue

  • How she began and grew her presentations about therapy to local caregivers

  • Her webpage that explains what presentations she gives123 Play with me

  • How she came up with the idea of her product 123 Just Play With Me Kit

  • How she developed the 123 Just Play With Me Kit

  • Her Continuing Education Presentations with Medbridge


Milestones and Miracles Product Page

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Medbridge $200 membership offer with the Code  PLAY Regular price is $425

Medbridge CE – Bringing Back Play

Medbridge CE – Roadblocks to Natural Development

Nicole’s Speaking Page

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