Julie Entwistle

Julie Entwistle

Occupational Therapist and part owner of EntwistlePower Occupational Therapy

Julie Entwistle is an Occupational Therapist  and part owner of EntwistlePower Occupational Therapy. She and her business partner have grown their practice rather organically which has made it strong and successful. Their current caseload consists of about 500 clients.

Julie, like most private practice owners, felt a disconnect when she was “working for the man” in big industry therapy. She felt the company’s primary focus was on pleasing insurance companies and not the clients they were treating.

After maternity leave (Julie has 4 children), friends began to ask her when she was going to begin a therapy practice. They told her “What do you have to lose?” It was a question she took seriously.

Julie realized she had nothing to lose and much to gain by going into private practice. She didn’t even have to let some of her referral sources know about her thoughts; they asked her when they could start referring.  Her solid reputation and “get it done” work ethic preceded her.

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Here is what we cover:

  • How she manages her practice

  • Why it is important to pay attention to government legislation

  • Why it pays to be ethical and responsible

  • Why she is trying to diversify her practice

  • Where she treats clients

  • Who her referral sources are

  • How she markets her practice

  • How she uses her website to generate referrals

  • How she uses videos that she creates to market her practice

  • What types of equipment she uses

  • What software she uses for paperwork

  • What she uses to invoice her clients


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