031 Five Marketing Tips You Can Do Now to Propel Your Private Practice

031 Five Marketing Tips You Can Do Now to Propel Your Private Practice

Marketing and strategyIn this podcast I give 5 actionable tips that you can implement right now to help your private practice.

Any time I put out information about marketing a private practice it gets a lot of attention. I am not deluded to think that you and everyone else is waiting with baited breath for my marketing tips. I think small business owners will read and should read all they can on marketing. I know I do.

Here are the 5 marketing tips

  • Website – Yes more website tips because your website is important

  • Video – Simple how to tips on creating a marketing video for your practiceGood Postcard

  • Facebook – How to be helpful and market your practice at the same time

  • Google Adwords – How I use my Google marketing dollar

  • Postcards – Sometimes old school is the best school. I tell you how to use a postcard for marketing

There are a couple of themes within these tips and with all marketing for that matter.

  1. What are your competitors or other similar businesses doing?

  2. Are you capturing your great ideas?

I continue to develop my attention to detail when it comes to how my competition or similar businesses market themselves. I try and notice this in my geographical surroundings and in the on line world. In this podcast I dive a little deeper into how I do that.

Once you start noticing these marketing details you must be capturing them in order to re-visit them for future use. I have mentioned that I use Evernote to do this and I cannot suggest enough that you do the same.

I would love to know your thoughts about how to market a private practice. What is working for you? Have you tried any of the suggestions I give in this podcast?  Please leave a comment in below so we can learn from each other.


Google Voice

Disclaimer: Do NOT share privacy information over text or voicemail. Google Voice should be used as an initial contact for potential clients to give and get general information

 Survey creation – Create a survey for your website for free using Google forms

Audio-Technica ATR3350IS Omni Lavalier Microphone for Smartphones – I like this one better

Universal Smartphone Holder and Flexible Mini Tripod 

Google Adwords

Google Ads Keyword Planner by Google

Google Your Business to connect your website to Google to get better search results

Officedepot.com – Where I get my business cards and notecards

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