030 How to Sharpen Your Theraprenuer Saw – Traits Every Therapy Business Owner Has

030 How to Sharpen Your Theraprenuer Saw – Traits Every Therapy Business Owner Has

Overheard conversation:

Theraprenuer Wannabe:  “I really am burned out and fed up with working for the man. If I had more business skills and knowledge, I would start my own therapy practice. God just didn’t bless me with a business mind. I mean, I can’t even do long division. It’s hopeless, so I guess I will just stay where I am.”

Actual Theraprenuer:  “Have you thought about reading a few good books? I can recommend some that will get you started. I hear Scott Harmon has a good podcast and website that you can check out. I remember when I first started out. I didn’t know much, but I have learned a ton about business since I started my clinic.”

Theraprenuer Wannabe:  “Yeah, but that’s you. You have a knack for that stuff. Not me. I’m hopeless. I can’t go back to school to get a business degree.”

Actual Therapreneur:  “You don’t have to get a business degree. That would actually be a stupid thing to do. There is so much good information on the internet.  Plus, by reading a few really good books about business you could give it a go and get out of the rut you are in. You know, a lot of these big time business people never went to business school.”

Therapreneur Wanabe:  “You really think I could give it a go? Yeah, maybe so. Imagine me…therapy practice owner. How cool would that be? No more working for the man. What did you say the name of that podcast was?”

OK, this was a fabricated conversation, but I am sure it has happened. Therapists who are riding the fence about starting a private practice are simply struggling with initiative. This is why I created this episode.

After I read a few articles about specific traits and characteristics that entrepreneurs tend to have, I wanted to expand on them and filter them through the lens of a therapy business owner. I also give a few book recommendations and a music review of therapy songs I recently came across on Youtube.

Here is some of what I cover in this episode:

  • 3 Must Read Books

  • The “One Thing” that should motivate you

  • What type of Mindset should a Therapreneur have?

  • Specific Traits of a Therapreneur

  • OT and PT Songs – Hey, what about Speech songs?

  • The Enneagram Personality Test – How do Therapreneurs score on it?


The One Thing – Book

7 Habits of Highly Effective People – Book

Mindset: The New Psychology of Success – Book

Scott’s Interview on Paul Potters Functional Freedom Podcast

You are More Song by 10th Ave North on Youtube


OT Problems Rap

OT Rap by Elizabeth Town College

PT’s and We Know it Rap

OT British Rap

OT Royals Song – Winner

Entrepreneur Articles

Lifehack.com – 10 Positive Signs That You Are Going to Be An Entrepreneur

Entrepreneur.com – 15 Signs You’re an Entrepreneur

Forbes.com – 8 Signs You’re An Entrepreneur

Inc.com – What Does it Really Take to be an Entrepreneur

Enneagram Personality Test


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