Rachel Wynn

Rachel Wynn

Speech Therapist

Rachel Wynn is a private practice Speech Therapist with an award-winning blog at GrayMatterTherapy.com. Rachel worked in a nursing home setting and became disillusioned with what she saw there. Her entrepreneurial husband encouraged her to step out into private practice so she finally took the leap. After discovering her niche, she soon figured out that even though she loved what she was doing she was not able to make money doing it. She had to pivot and go in a different direction. She actually went in a few different directions. You will want to hear how an entrepreneur therapist isn’t reactive but proactive in taking her private practice in new and exciting directions.

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Here are some topics we cover:

  • How to fail and succeed at networking

  • Evidence based practice tools

  • Your website may have a problem

  • Importance of presentations and community events

  • The “Why” of your practice and how it makes a difference

  • The Area Agency on Aging tool

  • Private Practice is not just one on one treatment


GrayMatterTherapy – Rachel’s research collaboration site

Rachel’s Pinterest Education Handouts

Area Agency on Aging

Simon Synek – The “Why” of your practice

@graymattertx – Rachel’s Twitter handle


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