Aaron LeBauer

Aaron LeBauer

Cash Based Therapy

Aaron LeBauer joins me to discuss cash based therapy. He and his wife own and operate a cash only PT practice.

Aaron started a massage therapy business in 1999.  He decided he needed more knowledge and expertise on the body and how it worked so he went to PT school.  As a student, he figured out quickly that he did not want to work in the corporate world of PT because he wanted to give more individualized care to his patients.

Besides running his own cash based practice, Aaron now helps other therapists learn how to start a cash only practice too. He has an Ebook called Blogging For Your Practice and a comprehensive course called The Cash PT Blueprint. Click here to view more details about these tools.

I love Aaron’s attitude of simplicity both in life and in private practice.  It’s definitely an attitude that builds success.

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Here are some of the subjects we cover:

  • How to begin and nurture relationships that will bring you referrals

  • What to do if you are just starting a private practice

  • Specific information to have on your website to bring in customers

  • How to optimize your practice website so people can find you

  • A great marketing tip on how to follow up with clients you discharge

  • Different types of marketing and which types you should use

  • What Aaron uses for therapy notes

  • What tools Aaron uses for billing a client

  • Useful scheduling tools and apps

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