Billing Walk Through

Billing Walk Through

Don’t let Billing scare you.

Refuse to say ” I sure would like to go out on my own but this billing stuff confuses me so I’m not going to do it.” You can overcome the fear of billing.

But let me warn you. If you are considering branching out on your own, I highly suggest staying where you are for a while so you can learn about their billing system, begin asking the right questions and do research through websites such as this one.

If you currently are not working, you can take the time to research now.  You can even start independently with just a few clients of your own while learning about the billing process. If you jump in and grow too quickly and you don’t get the billing process correct, then you will be perpetually frustrated and possibly go broke in the process.

You must learn how to do the  billing yourself because without timely payment you will not survive and you  need to be able to properly teach anyone you hire how to do it also.

I go into detail about billing in my E-book and Ecourse

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Billing is important to get right from the beginning. Then it can become routine. The devil is in the details.

Just a note…Any advice or insight I give here regarding billing and insurance is bound to change in the future. And billing and insurance regulations can be different from state to state. Always remember to follow HIPAA guidelines (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act).

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CPTAMA (CPT) CPT ProcessOfficial site by the AMA*


Codes we use OT  78340PT  78340  unless special, eg fx, strain, torticollis


OT or PT343.0 Diplegic Cerebral Palsy343.1 Hemiplegic cerebral palsy343.2 Qudriplegic cerebral palsy719.7 Difficulty Walking728.9 Muscle weakness754.1 Congenital Torticollis781.3 Lack of coordination


Speech31531  Expressive disorder31532  Receptive/Expressive 30759  Feeding disorder 31539  Articulation783.3 Feeding difficulty, failure to thrive


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