Menie Pagomenakis

Menie Pagomenakis

Speech Therapist

Menie Pagomenakis is from Greece and spent her high school and college years in New York. She now owns an overseas Speech Therapy private practice in Dubai. Listen to learn how she started her clinic in the United Arab Emirates.


After Menie and I corresponded through email a few times about her private practice I had to get her on the podcast when I learned she was in Dubai. If you have a sense of adventure, Menie shares with us how to find a therapy job in Dubai.

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Menie obtained her Speech Communication Disorders degree from Brooklyn College in New York. She also has a degree from Teacher’s College, Columbia University in bilingual education development which allows her to practice as a Greek-English Bilingual Speech Therapist.

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Here is what we cover:

  • How she found a job in Dubai

  • How she transitioned from employee in Dubai to private practice

  • How Menie did her market analysis

  • Cultural differences in Dubai

  • Her start up costs

  • Who is paying for therapy in Dubai

  • What does her competition look like

  • How she is marketing now

  • Long term goals for her clinic

  • Business resources she recommends



Email Menie:   menieslt at (no spaces – use @)

E-Myth, Michael Gerber


Getting Better at Private Practice, Chris E. Stout


Women & Money: Owning the Power to Control Your Destiny, Susan Orman


Million Dollar Practice, David Steele


New Sales Speak, Terri Sjodin


The Secret, Ronda Byrne


Think and Grow Rich, Napolean Hill


Mini Habits, Stephen Guise

Podcasts Menie likes:

Start a Therapy Practice


The Thriving Entrepreneurs


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The Enoughness Revolution


Wellness Force Radio

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