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010 Kim Lewis – Speech Therapist – Activity Tailor

Kim visits with me about her experience as a solo therapist in private practice. She shares how she got started, some great marketing ideas,  how she bills for her services, and how her teenage kids help with the business. Being an entrepreneur is something she grew up with, and  she couldn’t imagine doing anything different. KimLewis-Activitytailorphoto(1)Kim also has a great blog at ActivityTailor.com.  She is going to make your brain think about…

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creating a product!

If you don’t already offer products through your private practice, listen to Kim and let your creative juices start to flow. Learn how to find other ways to make your  therapy expertise work for you. If you have only thought about doing one-on-one therapy and haven’t made room for other means of revenue, now is the time to think in this new direction. Being an entrepreneur means that you see business ideas everywhere. There are a lot of people waiting on your next great idea!

Here are the Links to Kim’s creations:Cover Shorterer Mirror


ActivityTailor Blog

ActivityTailor.com Blog Post About Scott Harmon and Start A Therapy Practice

Artic Attack for “R”       Artic Attack for “S”

Kim’s Private Practice Ideas on her ActivityTailor Blog

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  • Scott

    It seems the audio had some difficulty when this first posted. If you previously attempted to listen and heard nothing or only music please try again. I apologize for the error.

  • http://twitter.com/RachelSeeMTBC Rachel See, MA,MT-BC (@RachelSeeMTBC)

    As a private practice owner in music therapy, I truly appreciate these podcasts and I look forward to listening to all of the episodes!! :-)

  • http://twitter.com/RachelSeeMTBC Rachel See, MA,MT-BC (@RachelSeeMTBC)

    Ps. If you ever want a music therapist on the show, I’d be more than happy to do so (or give you a few names of amazing, established music therapy private practices)! :). Musictherapyservices.net

    • STP

      Rachel, I would be interested in having a music therapist on the show. Please email me at scottatstartatherapypractice.com. Thanks

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