Dr. Jarod Carter

Dr. Jarod Carter

Physical Therapist

Dr. Jarod Carter is a Physical Therapist with a Cash PT practice. He also has a website and a podcast to help other therapists start and run a Cash PT business.

His latest creation is an Ebook called Medicare and Cash Pay Physical Therapy

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Here is what we cover:

  • How he decided to start a Cash PT practice

  • How he grew his speech therapy business

  • Who to network with to boost your marketing

  • The right way to network locally

  • The types of clients and diagnosis he treats

  • How clients find him now

  • How he uses video to market his practice

  • How he bills his clients

  • How he found a part-time assistant for his front office

  • How he writes progress notes

 Medicare book

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Ecourse – Start, Run and Grow a Therapy Practice – Video Based Lessons and Downloadable Tools – Plus Consulting


Ebook – A How to Manual for Starting and Running a Private Practice


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Free Client Tracking Spreadsheet – How Scott keeps up with due dates, client information and so much more


FREE Ebook – What 150 Practice Owners Know – Get the Ebook by taking the survey – MUST have a private practice to take the survey


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Ecourse & Consulting

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