Rachel See

Rachel See

Music Therapist

Rachel is a board-certified music therapist with a B.A. in Communication Disorders from Truman State University and a M.A. in Music Therapy from the University of Iowa. She owns a private practice in Texas called Music Therapy Services of Austin. Rachel employs other music therapists, treats a variety of diagnoses, and works with all ages from pediatrics to geriatrics.

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Here is what you will learn:

  • What is Music Therapy

  • How she markets her practice

  • Who to network with

  • What she uses to invoice clients

  • How a website should look

  • Other revenue streams that are not one on one treatment

  • How she set up her web page

  • The importance of having a picture or video of yourself on your webpage to make it personal

  • Setting up an open house at someone else’s business to promote your services

  • How she finds new clients

  • How she deals with insurance

  • What music Rachel is into

Links Mentioned in this Episode:

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Austin360.com interview with Rachel about Music Therapy


The Healing Power of Music: Colin McEnroe at Watkinson School – Article and Audio Interview

Super Bill – Give to clients to file with their insurance. This form is included with my Free Resources download

On Song app  OnSong replaces the mess of paper and binders with performance-ready, interactive, digital chord charts on your mobile device

Certification Board for Music Therapists

American Music Therapy Association

Music Therapy Ed for Continuing Education

Kauffman Foundation for Entrepreneurs   –   Here is their YouTube Channel

Music Rachel Listens To

Patrick Watson

Andrew Bird

Ben Folds


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