Amanda Cook

Amanda Cook

Internet Marketing Tips For Your Private Practice

Amanda is from the United States but currently lives in London where she has created the Wellpreneuronline Website.  Here, she helps healthcare practitioners create and maximize their on line presence.

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Here are some of the subjects we cover: 
  • What Facebook does with your posts to make money and limit your exposure
  • Her suggestions on how to start a private practice or solo business
  • How being an expert in a specific area can lead to entrepreneurship
  • How she overcame the fear of being a solopreneur
  • How her tech skills combined with her interest in health and beauty led to self employment
  • Therapy business ideas beyond trading your time for dollars
  • The importance of an online presence for your private practice
  • Why you need to collect email addresses to promote your private practice
Amanda shares her story of working in the corporate world and then reaching a point of burn out. She began a blog (while still working in the corporate world) dedicated to health and beauty which grew into a consultation business. Her tech skills from her previous job helped her grow the blog into what it is today, and now she helps others do the same.
Amanda continues to write and podcast about health and beauty while helping others with tech and internet questions.  When she was deciding on whether or not to begin her on line business she said, “I didn’t want to look back after 40 years and say what if?””  And she realized that if her business didn’t work out, fortunately she could always go back to her previous career. It is similar with you as a therapist. If you strike as an independent practitioner, and you can’t make it work, there are plenty of jobs in the therapy world. If your heart desires the entrepreneur route, don’t ever get down the road and have to use the phrase…”What if?”
Networking both on line and physically within the community can go hand in hand. One will work if done right, but doing both of these activities well has the potential of making you a therapy superstar.
Links Mentioned – Amanda’s site
Amanda’s Free Ebook – How to create a WordPress Website
WP-Engine – WordPress Website Hosting
MailChimp – Email collection and marketing tool
Aweber – Email collection and marketing tool
WordPress – What Amanda and I use to create websites
Free Marketing PDF – A partial version of the marketing chapter in Scotts’ Ebook with internet presence explanation
How to Win Friends and Influence People – Must read book for anyone
Amandas’ Twitter Handle:   @vintageamanda

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