Logo 300 pixel fixed1In this episode I give some ideas about where to do therapy if you don’t own or rent a physical location.  Some of these may be obvious but I am sure there will be at least one or two you have not thought of.  I also give a few tips on what I learned from my recent presentation. If you are not doing presentations as part of your marketing plan for your practice you need to start.

You also will learn  about…

a survey of private practice owners that you will have an exclusive opportunity to take part in. The full  results from this survey will only be given to those who participate so be sure to listen for the instructions on how to find it.

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 How to send email without opening Gmail

You will need:
  • To be logged into your gmail account in your browser of choice
  • Know how to add a bookmark
  • Know how to use your bookmarks
Step 1: Add this URL to your bookmark bar..
Click Here for the link to the projector I bought. It cost me $329.00 at Amazon

Here is my Prezi minus the notes


Presentation and Speaking Podcasts I listened to:

The Public Speaking Power Podcast

The Public Speaker’s Quick and Dirty Tips for Improving Your Communication Skills

Toastmasters Podcast

No Sweat Public Speaking



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