Treatment and Progress Notes

Treatment and Progress Notes

That is not to say that you cannot and should not change the way you and your therapy practice do progress notes but you want progress notes to be universally the same for each client and each therapist in your therapy practice.

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What You Will Learn in this Podcast:

  • Specifics on what you need in a treatment note

  • How to set up a treatment note template

  • What notes you need to have in case of an audit

  • How to minimize time writing notes

  • Why you need to stop handwriting notes

  • How to write notes on your smartphone or tablet for free

  • Why, as a newbie independent clinician,  you don’t need to pay monthly fees to a note writing software company

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Treatment notes are something that you want to get right from the beginning.

For a more robust EMR with insurance billing capability I recommend

Fusion Web Clinic

Fusion Web Clinic FusionWebClinic

You also want your notes to look professional.

If you are billing a government institutions like Medicaid or your billing private insurance they will pick up on your disorganization and give you more scrutiny than you deserve. This is one reason therapists need to stop handwriting notes and move into the digital age.

If you have any suggestions on how you write notes please leave a comment below. Also please let us know of any audit experiences that you have had in the past and what you learned from them.

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